Friday, 24 August 2012

Fear Should Fear You

My Fear is my greatest Enemy

If one were to ask me, “Who is your enemy?” I would reply it’s my fear. My greatest fear is death. Death of the loved ones makes us remember that we are still living in a mortal world. I have heard that it’s the greatest reality of life and it seems to be really true. 
The more fearful you are, the less confident you are of yourself. Death of someone who is really important to us is the ones that take and put most of us in hell holes of mental pressure. And it takes up to a whole month to regain our mental strength. The person you have been half a century just disappears like that? Well, yes, it is not as easy for us.  Thousands of people die every day in the world but we care only about our loved ones.
I’d say that you should always be ready to face whatever consequences to face in life. As a matter of fact, you should be able to take death as just another consequence in life. 
“Fear is an enemy inside of you, who gains power as you lose confidence and mental strength”
Point to Self: I still fear death. Don’t let the enemy take over you, Fight for Life.

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